My project

Every time I go to Fort Wayne or something and see a homeless person I always want to stop and give them something but everyone is like “no,no, we’re in a hurry” or “stop looking at them”, but I try stop anytime I can. So, for my project I want to make packages with like water, food, a couple bucks or a t-shirt in it and go around and actually get to know some of these people and ask them about their story. I would really like to go to shelters and such instead of just on the streets. I want to see if I can help any of them in any way, even by just giving them a hug. I would also like to take pictures with them or video tape them talking about what I did for them or even them just talking about their life, I would like to blog these videos/pictures and see people’s reactions or see if I can change people’s outlooks on the homeless. I’m actually kind of scared of this because the last thing I want is to offend somebody.Image